What or Why?

So some maniac has seen it appropriate to make me Lead and give me a team. Suddenly I am no longer just dabbling in uplifting co-workers and their professional development but it has become one of my core responsibilities.

While my mind was wandering I contemplated on the different ways that people approach work etc. I have found that there are two (albeit not the only ones) methods of approaching tasks/problems/etc. Those that simply know and do what must be done and those that don’t necessarily know what but understand why to a degree and derive the what from it.

Those that what are able respond perfectly to situations that they have learned to manage or have instructions for.

Those that why are imperfect, they don’t necessarily follow instructions well so much as assess the information they have gathered and decide what to do based on the various whys they have come to understand. This approach has its risks, the individual is essentially unable to know all the whys and so the approach is fundamentally inaccurate.

These fundamentally flawed individuals are ultimately extremely valuable because the approach makes the holy grail of business a possibility. Agility, flexibility, creativity.

Unfortunately the early years of individuals in their careers tends to punish those who ascribe to why and re-enforces the actions of what. And so all those that come to me are whats and I must determine those that can why and re-educate them.

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